Photo and Project Development

Vocational college diploma

Already have a high level of photographic skills? This is the program for you. Immerse yourself in a personal project, monitored by a personal mentor. The program is the only one of its kind in Norway, and is set at a high international level.


August 2023


Full-time, 2 years

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Photo and Project Development will give you the skills you need to build your own photographic brand.

You will use the year to immerse yourself in a personal project under the supervision of a personal mentor. The project will result in an exhibition and a book, with the emphasis on the development of a related project description and communications techniques. The program will enable you to build an important network, and to bring your projects to an international audience.  

It combines photography with training on the necessary tools to develop and run a photographic business. The creative, financial and organisational aspects of working as a photographer will be covered. These aspects are becoming more and more important on the market, and will give you a big advantage.

Program structure

1st term

Photo process and development

  • Idea process
  • Research
  • Photographing and experimenting
  • Photographing and experience
  • Project development

Copy and project description

  • Project description
  • Applying for scholarships and grants
  • Composing a CV
  • Artist statement
  • Writing for the press

Photo project and reflection

  • Photographing
  • Materials and techniques
  • Workflow
  • Reflection
  • Project development

Communications techniques

  • Presentation techniques
  • Lecture
  • Project presentation
  • Portfolio review
  • Digital tools
  • Dramaturgy og visualising presentations

Photo book

  • Editing
  • Layout
  • Book design
  • Book printing
  • Book binding
  • Publishing
    2nd term

    Photo project production and completion

    • Photographing
    • Project development
    • Planning
    • Completion
    • Presentation

    Photography as a business

    • Copyright Act
    • Starting a business
    • Financing
    • Accounts for sole traders
    • Contracts and agreements


    • Aesthetics and art history
    • Exam
    • Portfolio
    • Technical exam
    • Themed exam
    • Final exhibition

    Job opportunities

    Photo and Project Development will give you the tools you need to boost your own career, and to establish a photographic brand. Your signature project will be an important reference, and can act as a door-opener to galleries, publishers, magazines and photo festivals.

    Mentors & guidance

    You will work closely with your mentors during the program. A mentor will give you advice and guidance in your work developing your signature project, and help ensure professional quality at all levels of your photography business. You will also be followed closely by the college’s own supervisors through tutoring, exercises and assignments.

    Mentors & guidance

    You will work closely with your mentors during the program. A mentor will give you advice and guidance in your work developing your signature project, and help ensure professional quality at all levels of your photographic activity. You will also be followed closely by the college’s own counsellors through tutoring, exercises and assignments.


    The program is aimed at photographers who have already accumulated solid experience. You will need to be able to prove that experience to be able to qualify for enrollment.

    You will be assessed on the following criteria
    • Higher Education Entrance Qualification. Alternatively, other qualifications at a corresponding level.*

    • At least 60 study points from a completed and passed qualification within photography, at college level at least. Alternatively, you must be able to prove other qualifications at a corresponding level.*

    • Enrollment test in the form of a portfolio. The enrollment test will account for 70 % of points, and grades obtained 30 %. This means that the enrollment test will mean more for this program than it does for others (50 %). This is intended to ensure high levels of skills for the programme.

    *Other qualifications are knowledge and skills you have gained from education, paid or unpaid work, working for organisations of hobbies. Other qualifications are assessed to determine whether you have a skills level equivalent to that from qualifications from upper secondary school. You must be 19 years of age or older during the enrollment year to be enrolled on the basis of other qualifications.


    Read more on other qualifications at NUCAS.

    How to apply

    Feel free to contact us if you need help with the application, or are unsure if you can apply.

    1. Register your application

    Go to NUCAS.

    The application portal opens on the 1st of February. Final date for applications is April 15th at 23.59.

      2. Enrollment test

      The enrolment test consists of submission of your portfolio. It must contain 10–20 still photos and/or videos, and showcase your interests, talents and skills within photography. Your portfolio can contain your best work, or represent one or more projects you have worked on. There are no constraints on the design of your portfolio. Upload your enrollment test along with your application to NUCAS.

        3. Interview

        If you are qualified for enrollment, you will be contacted to arrange an interview with the school. This is a good opportunity to get to know us – and for us to get to know you! Interviews can be conducted in person or digitally. An interview is a means of support for applicants, at which you can justify your choice of portfolio and provide more details. You can also ask questions concerning the program. The interview does not count towards the points awarded for your portfolio.

          Tuition and fees


          Term fees: NOK 59,500

          Mandatory membership of SiT (Studentsamskipnaden i Trondheim (student welfare association): NOK 600 per term

          Mandatory membership of ONF (Organisasjon for Norske Fagskolestudenter (organisation for Norwegian vocational college students): NOK 85 per term

          The programmes are approved by NOKUT, the national quality assurance organ, and supported by Lånekassen.


          Check out the work by some of our former students!

          Marie Hybertsen Norbye

          Year of study: 2021–2022

          Marlene Ørbæk

          Year of study: 2021–2022

          Gudmund Arne Lilletveit

          Year of study: 2021–2022

          Vidar Færestrand

          Year of study: 2021–2022

          Håkon Sandmo Karlsen

          Year of study: 2021–2022

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